Is MCA Another Pyramid Scheme

motor club of america

You see them advertising the “once in a lifetime proposition” to earn big everyday over the internet, business opportunities, companies, trying to get you to join their corporations to become sales agents. You might call this behavior kind of unique from a traditional start-up but many older generational companies are jumping on the network marketing bandwagon.

They may not pay much as others do,  however, a 5% – 10% commission is better than most payouts. Verizon is one of those huge corporations who don’t only pay their sales associates very well in hourly salary rates, but the commissions associates generate are pretty nice for a standard corporate America job. Are you ready to take your chances as much as you play the odds at your local corner store slot machine or lottery tickets you drop in the bucket as the losses continue to pile up. A little diplomacy and patience would be great to incorporate in your new thoughts as you play the odds, but, a service is making waves that has gained notoriety and an infamous name including positive feedback called, MCA Motor Club of America. When a company pays its representatives 200% commissions per sale, skeptics tend to raise an eyebrow. They began to evaluate the actions and behavior of those who market the services. So, what about distributing Motor Club of America service memberships? Is this real or a scam?

MCA Motor Club of America Scam – Is MCA a SCAM?

My story is a bit interesting to say the least. I was one of those people who would not put a dime of my mind or a minute of my time into something claiming to compensate an individual so well for selling their products and services that the individual could actually become financially independent, it seemed too good to be true until I bumped into a fella who was earning huge income from the program. Now, I’m not a newbie to the sales industry, but network marketing seemed to go hand-in-hand.

He gave me a flier that displayed details on how the associates program worked, the benefits, discounts, a list of top earners who are creating a career from sharing the offer to the masses over the net. I procrastinated over a year, contemplating, if this was a competent choice of action to make. I was stuck in a dead-end sales position at a retail store, bill was adding up to my entire bi-weekly paycheck and I was under a lot of stress. Sure, I could quit my job and get another one, but what would make the outcome so different, I wanted control over the eight hours a day I get and that meant becoming self-employed. MCA seemed like the right answer…until……

I read so many reports saying “MCA Scam” this and MCA Scam that which appeared to be odd since motorist began to show their dedication to the service. If the MCA Motor Club of America Scam exist, why are there so many testimonies of ordinary people using the service over and over again. Now, at the this time, I had not made a decision to purchase a membership, instead, I continued to further investigate because I was very shocked to learn that the roadside assistance features, such as, the towing service is free just as long as you remain under the 100 mile radius of each serviced towing incident. I found out that every person who’ve made a bad comment about MCA never bought a membership.

It came down to two choices for me, (1) continue living a life of daily drudgery on a job that doesn’t have my interest in mind, or (2) listen to people who are expressing their opinions than facts about the 80 year old company. I grew extremely curious then I purchased from the young guy who handed me the flier for $39.90 at $19.95 a month. No, I’m not going to show you a BBB (Better Business Bureau) report on this company. Instead, I give you something more personal than hearsay, its my own experience.

Is MCA a Scam? Is MCA Ripping People Off?

Here’s my experience! Putting my suspensions aside about why people called MCA a Scam, I subscribed for a membership in the mid year of 2014 while signing up in the associate’s program to become a sales agent to distribute MCA package plans. The MCA card and discount card that covers up to 65% off high-end service purchases arrived in the mail 1 week later. I had access to the road service feature after 24 hours prior to signing up online. My prognosis of the TVC MCA Total Security membership and sales associates program (without trying):

A. The Benefits – I’ve used the towing service 5 times without paying one red dime. The mobile tire service was used by me 4 different times without shedding out a cent.

B. The Associates Program – I make 20 sales per month. That’s 1800 extra dollars in my pocket every month. I manage to pay my bills and rule my life with an iron fist without a J.O.B!

LOL! “Is MCA a SCAM”, obviously the answer is a big N.O. My suggestion to you is not take advice from commentators, fake journalist or some individual who isn’t invested in your future rather than their voice for super stardom, these people are like leaches out there to drain your attention from the truth. Businesses are all competing and so are individuals who can leverage off the integrity of companies similar to Motor Club of America. In conclusion, get good benefits and get paid sharing them, go with MCA, the club that pays. MCA is not a scam!