Why Do People Call MCA a Scam?

mca scamWe have to get moving, the epidemic has already gain widespread across the entire internet that MCA is a scam which is not true, however, we must continue to debunk these lies that has gained more attention than the benefits of actually having a membership of your own. The point of this post is to expose some of those annoying reasons a negative light has shinned upon the service so brightly. The MCA Scam claims started under the illusion by those who deeply represent the service in a bad way for good intentions.

It grew more atrocious when others began to find ways to exploit the brand to increase attention span on themselves to sell their own products, leverage. Now, here are the top reasons people fall into the category of calling this company the MCA Motor Club of America Scam for almost 4 years straight.

  • Bad Marketing Methods & Representation – I admit it, MCA is a good way to start earning money from offline and online by sharing good benefits, discounts and roadside assistance services through marketing, but calling the service a scam in order to get traffic is a negative impact and impression on the company in the long run. Although I understand the tactic, people love drama so that brings in more traffic by having a title stating, “MCA Scam”, “Is MCA a Scam”, or “Don’t Buy Motor Club of America, it’s a Scam”. You don’t have to make false statements to get the attention of people. Negative statements only attract negative minded people, remember that. 
  • Burnt By Bad Offers – The original idea for skepticism of the online buyer being frightened to purchase anything from online is being scammed from previous services. Many who have not purchased a membership from Motor Club of America will immediately follow the masses who claim something is a claim without proof. The sad dilemma is most scam busters don’t have clear proof of these claims if they don’t have access to the system itself. A scam would is when someone swindle you out of money or something of value without providing an actual trade or service in return. MCA, just like the rest of the well known Motor Clubs provide a real service indeed.
  • Blogger’s Claim to FameRemember those days in history class, the teacher would share information from the past that was 75% of the information proven false.  After you’ve done a deeper investigation by going to the actual source, you get the right answers. The same goes for bloggers, they only know 25% of the truth and the the rest is rubbish. Ask each blogger if they’ve actually been involved with the trade they claim to be scams and they’d either not answer back or block you for asking a question that they cannot answer. Take their opinions in with a grain of salt.  
  • Jealousy – I’ve seen a spike in amount of jealousy spreading throughout the internet about the sales agents of Motor Club of America. This spike comes from the negative energy of blogging experts who’ve made it a daily job to spawn hate against those who wok hard towards the integrity of the company and themselves. For instance, that is no different than bloggers spreading hate against sales agents who make huge commissions in Apple, Microsoft, Sprint, Verizon, or any other giant company that caters to their sales representatives, these are all network marketers. These people who against MCA, are also attacking the bigger companies too. So, don’t allow jealousy to cloud your mind, if you study and train really well, you too can sale good products. 

In conclusion, we have to study the dynamics of the human mind to understand why we make the decisions that could alter the destiny of our future. We must create great financial opportunities in our life that will better our future. If we continue to follow in the footsteps of others through their obnoxious opinion and non open-mindedness, you could suffer hugely. Now, I’m here to let you know, MCA Motor Club of America is definitely not a scam, it’s a great chance to earn big while enjoying magnificent services.